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Well, That Was Unexpected

This week was another week of getting into the groove of the ISM year. The topic of assessments was introduced to the class. Although I already learned about assessments last year and how to write them, it was an interesting perspective getting to learn about them again. For my assessment this week, I wrote about common acne myths and misconceptions. The article was able to give me some great insight on which of these myths and misconceptions were true, and which had absolutely no correlation to acne. It was very interesting for me to gain this perspective and I also think it was very necessary for me to learn before stepping into this field. Writing an assessment again since last year was harder than I thought it would be. I had to look at some of my old assessments to really remember how to write a proper assessment, and although I was ultimately able to remember again, it was not as efficient as I thought. However, I am glad I was able to get that experience in the beginning of my ISM year so I do not become overwhelmed later. My goal this week was to finish my work earlier and I did accomplish this goal. I worked on my article and assessment a lot throughout the week, which I feel proud of. I am carrying the same goal onto next week, except I want to finish even earlier this week. I look forward to accomplishing these goals and gaining more knowledge about dermatology throughout the rest of the year.

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