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Some Great Things to Look Forward To!

February 21, 2022

This weekI was able to talk with my mentor a lot about my final product. We had a very valuable mentor meeting. We were able to discuss a lot of important information, specifically my final product. I already had an idea for my final product but I wasn’t super sure on it, and I wanted my mentor's opinion before finalizing my final project proposal. We decided that it would be a much better way to approach this project, and instead of what I was planning, create a short film featuring my research, and other aspects I was wanting to. We also discussed a lot about my upcoming research showcase, and my mentor told me that she might be able to make it, which was amazing news to hear. Finally we also discussed that I may be able to go to the hospital soon, this was so amazing for me to hear. I’ve been waiting for this experience and to know that it might happen soon is some thing that makes me so grateful for this opportunity. I look forward to having this happen, hopefully, and accomplishing some more of my goals and aspirations and the rest of us in this year, as well as my future.

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