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Pointing Out the Priorities

February 14, 2022

This week was a very busy week in ISM. After missing two straight weeks of school I was very behind in multiple classes. Even though ISM was a top priority of mine, I still became very behind on the assignments I was supposed to complete, especially during this busy time of Research Showcase preparations. I became very caught up with my assignments finally got very close to catching up on all of my work. Obviously, a few assignments became unnoticed along the way, but after one more final check, I believe that I have finally completed my makeup assignments. I learned a lot of important lessons regarding time management and also priorities as well. I learned how important it is to keep up with my work in all classes and learn how to prioritize them as well as keep up with my ISM work regarding mentorship experiences, etc. I learned how much dedication it takes to prioritize what I need to regarding ISM and these are skills that I will take forward into the rest of my year in ISM and the rest of my future as well. I look forward to the skills I will continue to learn through the rest of the year in ISM as well.

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