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About me.


My name is Suhani Vasa and I am a senior at Frisco High School. I am currently in my second year of the Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM) Program. In my first year of ISM I studied the topic of wealth management in the business field. I was able to shadow a financial advisor and gain real world experience in the financial world. Although I was able to learn a lot, I realized that the field was not meant for me. After a lot of self reflection I finally allowed myself to realize that my true passion is helping and caring for others, and a great way I can fill this passion is through the healthcare field. My older brother, and role model, has struggled with back issues for longer than I can remember, due to many factors. Recently, his injury has been at a climax, and I can see it affecting his daily life, his mental health, and our family in very serious ways. This year, I have decided to dedicate my work to my brother, and I have chosen the topic of orthopedics. Through my work, I hope to find solutions to my brother's pain, and also solutions for those who struggle with very similar challenges.


 I am a very hard working and driven student who has always worked hard for the goals I set for myself. I have excelled athletically by playing sports like varsity tennis in the past and also academically which has allowed me to be placed in the top 6% of my class. In my year of ISM, I look forward to showing my diligence and passion through my work.

My ISM Mission Statement: 

     My mission is to explore the professional world without fear of failures and challenges. I will work to face obstacles to gain knowledge of reality and society. I will strive to maintain a professional and determined mindset as I gain knowledge in the field of dermatology. With the guidance of my mentor, I will also make use of my creativity and innovative personality in my work. I will drive myself to be a good representative of the Independent Study and Mentorship program, and be a role model for the future students of the program and Frisco High School . 

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