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Meeting in the Snow?!

February 7, 2022

This week was another very important week for me in this course. I was able to have another mental meeting this week. I was supposed to have one the previous week but due to the fact that my mentor had some last minute clinics, she had to handle as well as some last minute meetings our original meeting was canceled. However, I feel very thankful that I was able to reschedule it efficiently and was able to still make use of a great meeting. My mentor and I spoke a lot about possible research topics for me in the future. This was very helpful to me as I found myself researching very similar topics, and I cannot wait to expand. We also spoke a lot about the differences between a PA and a physician as I wanted a simple way to explain this to my peers and presentations that I get. Something I’m noticing is my mentor and I are able to communicate very efficiently and schedule meetings even during times like snowstorms and new coronavirus variance. I feel grateful for this opportunity in the fact that we have such strong communication. I look forward to having more mentor meetings in the coming weeks and accomplishing more of my goals throughout this mentorship as well as the rest of the year and ISM 2.

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