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The Wake Up Call

This week in ISM was a major wake up call for me. Coming into ISM, after taking my first year last year, I thought that I was very experienced. Although I have experience with a lot of the topics we have gone over and discussed in ISM, I did not realize just how much information I genuinely needed a review on. For example, we discussed the dress code for ISM, and what we need to wear in professional settings. I did not realize how much I needed this review before I begin to go on interviews. I also did not realize how much of a refresher I needed on the formatting of my assessments. I have a new goal of being much more careful with the details of my work and assignments, as in the past few weeks, I have not been doing that successful of a job. This week my goal was to finish my work early. I was able to accomplish this goal this week, and my goal for next week is to finish my work even earlier. I look forward to researching and learning more in my chosen field throughout the rest of my year in ISM. Clearly, I needed this wake up call if I hope to find success on the rest of this journey.

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