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Surprise Surprise!

January 31, 2022

This week I was supposed to have a mentor meeting but I did not. Since I was out with Covid for the past two weeks, it has been difficult to keep up with ISM. However, the main thing that I have been putting my attention to is time with my mentor. I was told in the morning that she would not be able to have the meeting due to a last minute clinical meeting. I had a big realization that morning. I realized that in healthcare, and many other fields as well, there really is no telling what one will experience everyday. Even though this was just a small event, it made me realize how many surprises and unexpected events can happen in the workforce, and that is something I need to be prepared for in my future as well. I was able to create an in depth plan of topics to cover to the meeting that I can easily bring into the next meeting we have instead. I learned that having this plan is something that is very beneficial for the meeting to run smoothly. This is a lesson I learned last year in ISM 1, and is something I was aware of and brought into this school year as well. I look forward to our next meeting with my mentor, and I look forward to learning even more knowledge and gaining more experience in pediatric orthopedics.

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