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Some Exciting News

This was a very exciting week in my ISM journey so far this year. As I mentioned in my last blog, I finally have begun connecting with professionals in Orthopedics after changing my topic. This week I officially scheduled my first interview. My interview is with Dr. Megan Johnson at the Scottish Rite pediatric orthopedics hospital. I also reached out to another medical employee at Scottish Rite and we are working out an online interview time. I feel very proud of myself that I have this interview scheduled with this professional, and I am really excited about the information about orthopedics that I am going to learn from this research interview. I look forward to scheduling more interviews and I feel very accomplished that ive almost scheduled two out of the three required interviews. I also discovered this week that pediatric orthopedics may be a more specific topic that I can focus on this year, especially since so many of the professionals that I am beginning to connect with are working in this field. I love working with children so I feel like it would be a very good fit for me. My goal was to schedule an interview this week and I accomplished that goal! I look forward to accomplishing more goals throughout this journey.

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