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Light at the End of the Tunnel

December 6th, 2021

This past week was definitely what Coach Goff would call, a week where I got hit by the steam roller. After being out of the country over thanksgiving break, I had a lot of makeup work to take care of as I returned. I did work while I was away, but I had a lot of responsibility waiting for me. As I watch my peers gain mentors in their journey, I feel insecure sometimes and unsure of myself. However, I realize that everybody has different obstacles in their paths and different factors are changing each student’s journey. Last year I found a mentor relatively fast and this year is a lot different. It has a lot to do with the chosen topic, and as I realized that I have become more confident and felt better about the situation. This week, I have a lot of work to do to finish my original work. I have been working hard but there is still a lot for me to do. My goal is to finish up basically everything by Wednesday or Thursday evening that way I have a little bit of room for finalizations that I can work on in class on Friday. I look forward to finally finishing my original work and bringing this first semester of ISM to an end. However, I am also very pleased and excited about my first semester so far because I have learned so much and gained experience in areas other than just my topic. I did not expect this and I feel very proud of myself for this occurrence. I am almost there.

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