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Hey Look! I Can Do This!

November 1st, 2021

This past week was a very exciting week! I finally got to have my first research interview, which was long awaited. Something I have learned about the medical field is that it is much more challenging to connect with professionals than in business. With such important roles, like saving lives, sometimes things like a research interview with a high school kid, has to be pushed off. I completely understand this and I myself have had a lot of obstacles within my family in the past month that has set me back as well, and even caused me to push a few interviews. Having this first research interview was a relief though. It felt amazing to finally have one out of the way, and tell myself “I can do this.” With all that has happened in the past month, I was losing my confidence in this class. After successfully completing this interview, and learning some very valuable information, I was finally able to start restoring this confidence in myself. I feel like I can finally do this, and I am taking some steps forward after a long time. It is hard to not feel insecure as I watch other peers already gain mentors, but I realized that everyone has their own obstacles and their own paths, and I need to focus on my own, not others. I look forward to finding more of this confidence within myself within the next few weeks.

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