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Expect the Unexpected

October 25, 2021:

This week in ISM I had some very unexpected turn of events. This week was supposed to be a very big and changing week in my journey in this class. However as I always say, I need to always be ready for unexpected turn of events. This week, I had a major family emergency and had to travel immediately to North Carolina. The unfortunate thing is that I had a couple of interviews planned for this week. Unfortunately and obviously I cannot complete them. I had to be very professional with the way that I approached this and told the professionals my reason of not being able to complete these interviews. This was a lesson for me that I need to be always expecting the unexpected. I did not know that this would happen and it stressed me out a little bit because my interviews were already pushed back a couple times. However, I learned that I need to be adaptable to the change and handle things professionally, and that was my goal for the week. I would say that I was pretty successful in accomplishing these goals as I try to get back on track as soon as possible.

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