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Confirming a Mentor?

January 10th, 2022

This week was a very important week for me in my ISM journey. I finally am reaching a goal that I have set for myself since my first day of school this year. I finally am about to confirm a mentor. Even though this mentorship will most likely be a virtual mentorship, I will still gain a lot of valuable information from it. My potential mentor is one that I have been wanting to mentor since I interviewed her. I felt an instant click and I was wanting to mentor a PA because that is the position I am most interested in. I think that this experience will be very valuable to me. I did a virtual mentorship experience last year, and it was still very beneficial to my understanding of my chosen topic. I have many goals for myself with this mentorship, but my biggest one is to learn more information and experience virtually this year than I did last year. Although my experience was great last year, I feel that there was more I could have done. I think that this is a goal that I can achieve if I make use of my determined nature and I look forward to accomplishing the other goals that I proceed to set for myself as well.

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