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A Week of Achievement

November 8, 2021

This week I was able to conduct one of my most successful interviews in both years of ISM so far. Knowing that I am wanting to go down a PA track in college, I have been wanting to interview PAs in the pediatric orthopedic field. I reached out to several through LinkedIn but it was hard to find contact information. Through previous interviews and gathering of information from professionals, I finally came across PA Hong Putnam. I felt very satisfied with this interview and I feel very accomplished with the information that I learned. I was able to conduct a very valuable research interview assessment this week, and the information that I was able to learn will be very applicable to the rest of my ISM year and also the rest of my career and future life as well. My goal this week was to finish my work early as always, which I am happy to say I was successfully able to do. Also, my goal was to get three of my interview completed by this week, and I feel very accomplished and proud of myself for achieving this goal. I look forward to learning more applicable, valuable information, that will continue to contribute to the rest of my ISM year.

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