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A Sudden Turn in the Road

This week was a very important week in my ISM journey. It might be one of the most important weeks of my entire year. This week I made the decision to change my topic. Obviously many people do not change their ISM topic after the year has already begun and students have already done so much research on their previous topic. However, it is important that a student is feeling a passion for their topic throughout their entire ISM journey, no matter what obstacles they come across. I was not feeling this passion for my previous topic. It’s not that I was not enjoying researching or learning about dermatology, but I knew that there was something more fulfilling, and more important to me personally, that I wanted to research in my senior year. My older brother has been struggling with back issues for as long as I can remember, as well as many others in my family. I have seen this affect him severely, especially on the psychological side as his pain and injury has recently hit a peak. I knew that the field of orthopedics (with a focus on the psychological side of injuries) was my true passion for this year, in hopes that I can find any sort of solution to my brother’s pain. I feel very satisfied that I finally got the courage to make this change, after considering it for so long. I feel proud that I set aside my fear and in order to fulfil a wish I was truly passionate about. My goal was to finish my work earlier than the previous week and I feel proud and confident in saying that I successfully accomplished this goal. I look forward to researching this topic further, and achieving more of my goals throughout the rest of my journey in ISM.

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