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About ISM

What is ISM?

ISM stands for the Independent Study and Mentorship course.  It is a class offered to Senior and Juniors (only a select number of applicants are chosen) which allows you to further explore a specific topic or career you may have interest in, and connect with a specific individual in that field to create original work and a final product. It provides students with a unique opportunity to explore their own interests, goals, and ambitions. 


My Goals for ISM:

Throughout my ISM experience I hope to gain a sense of professionalism that I can not only use in high school and college, but throughout my entire career and life. I also hope to dive deeper into the field of business and grasp a better understanding on all aspects of it.I hope that my ISM experience will not only help me learn more about Wealth Management, but will raise awareness about the importance of exploring careers that are not typically filled by females. I want to inspire many others to look into futures they may have never thought possible before.

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